Trade Perpetuals with instant fills and on demand liquidity.

Built For Traders

A tailored user interface for a seamless trading experience.

Account Abstraction

Trade directly from your wallet without the need to deposit any assets into a central account.

Up to 100x leverage

Our unique pool-to-peer model facilitates trading with up to 100x leverage on all your favorite cryptocurrencies.

Zero Price Impact

Trade any asset of any size with zero price impact and minimal spread.

Asset backed perpetuals

All margin positions are fully backed by assets in Flash's liquidity pool.

Isolated Margin

Strategically position yourself in the markets with precision and control over the size and exposure of each trade.

Provide Liquidity and earn yield

Deposit assets into our Liquidity Pool and earn yield through trading and margin fees.

Diverse token exposure

Your liquidity is spread across a diverse index of top assets, including BTC, ETH, USDC, and more.

Superior Capital Efficiency

Provide liquidity to both spot and margin trading with a single click.

Maximise fee earnings

Fees generated from swaps, trading, and lending are distributed to LPs.

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DeFi x NFTs
Introducing Flash Beasts

Flash Beasts are unique NFTs leveraging DeFi to generate passive yield and act as identity accounts. Mint your beasts and embark on thrilling quests to unlock additional perks.

Earn Fees

Dynamic NFTs

Boost Your Perks!

Real Yield

Yield from fees guarantees perpetual value for beast holders.

NFT Evolution

Level up your beasts through trading, liquidity provisioning, and referrals to maximize your perks.

Unlock Exclusive access

Beast Holders get priority access to all upcoming Flash products and airdrops.