February 3, 2024

Deep Dive: Beastonomics

Flash Trade has introduced one of the most rewarding points systems, where users immediately benefit from their use of the exchange. Flash Beasts holders unlock substantial fee discounts and referral rebates by earning voltage points through their routine activities on Flash Trade.

Flash Beasts

In the same vein the Flash Beasts, Solana’s first on-chain 3D evolutionary collection, enables “Beastonomics,” setting it apart from other points systems that can be endlessly farmed without any entry barrier. Flash Beasts only rewards holder’s as they accumulate voltage points, enhancing their experience by levelling up the beasts fully on-chain changing the very metadata of their NFT as they earn voltage points. There are voltage points thresholds that once hit allow for a user to level up their beast prompting not only an exciting visual appearance upgrade but also granting them a greater significant fee discounts when trading and higher referral rebates.

The team at Flash made a deliberate choice to fundraise for the protocol by selling beasts, utilizing 100% of the raised funds to initialize the exchange’s liquidity. Furthermore, the entire revenue generated by this liquidity is given back fully to the Flash Beast holders, making them one of the most rewarding NFTs in Solana’s history.

The Rewards System: Voltage Points and Levelling Up

The voltage points system was meticulously structured to facilitate the exchange’s growth while delivering maximum value to Beast holders. Users can earn voltage points through three activities:

  1. Trading: To incentivize trading volumes on the exchange, voltage points are rewarded. This leads to maximum-level beasts enjoying up to a 35% fee discount on the base fee, akin to a Binance VIP Tier 1 account.
  2. Providing Liquidity: Flash, as an asset-backed exchange, needs liquidity to be deposited into the pool everyone trades against. Flash Trade returns 70% of all revenue generated through trading activities to liquidity providers. Flash has already given back over $250,000 in fees to liquidity providers. Beast holders who are liquidity providers earn voltage points based on the fees they generate, providing not only one of the highest on-chain real yields but also additional voltage points making their experience better and their Beast more valuable.
  3. Referring New Users: Flash’s unique on-chain referral mechanism is directly tied to its Beast NFTs, offering referred users an additional 5% discount on trades. This mechanism also provides referral rebates to the Beast holder along with voltage points based on the revenue earned through referral activities. Referring is one of the best ways to acquire voltage points and level up a Beast!

NFT x DeFi Meta

In the intersection of NFT and DeFi, Flash Beasts go beyond creating a rewarding experience for holders. They hold ownership in the exchange, with all incentives aligned for Flash’s success. The core team at Flash Trade contributes to building the platform, while Beast holders serve as ambassadors, positioning Flash as the number one on-chain exchange for both crypto and non-crypto assets.

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